Nothing can more dramatically improve the appearance of your home than new high-quality siding. Before making this important selection, consider the architectural style of your home, your tolerance for exterior maintenance, and your budget requirements. Then choose from these popular materials installed by Rees Builders expert Fort Dodge siding crews:

  • Vinyl. Manufactured from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), vinyl siding claims the largest portion of the residential siding market. This is due to its two primary advantages: vinyl is a very affordable siding material, and it requires almost no maintenance. Because vinyl does not rot like wood, it does not need to be stained or painted. An impressive array of colors, styles and textures makes vinyl siding suitable for nearly every home design, from contemporary to historical. Its main drawbacks are a tendency to crack and melt, and environmental concerns.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum siding is a sturdy and affordable alternative to vinyl. Like vinyl, it’s easy to maintain and durable. While aluminum can dent, scratch and may sometimes fade, it won’t crack the way vinyl will and it’s also recyclable.
  • Fiber cement. Derived from a mixture of cement, cellulose fiber and sand, fiber cement can be molded into planks that look like natural wood – yet unlike wood, it resists fire, insects, moisture, cracking and extreme weather conditions. Fiber cement siding must be painted, but holds paint significantly longer than wood. However, its installed cost is considerably higher than vinyl and aluminum.


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